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Tom Brennan This recording is SOOO good. Let Me Go is probably my all time favorite ETH/Jubilee Riots track, but White Squall is really good too. Favorite track: Let Me Go.
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Enter The Haggis' sixth studio album is their most wrenching, challenging and diverse yet. Featuring 12 original songs and about half a dozen new instruments, this ambitious and intelligent collection is both an obvious step in the evolution of the band and a fearless foray into unexplored territory. Play it loud.


released June 1, 2011

Brian Buchanan: vocals, keyboards, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, banjo
Bruce McCarthy: drums and percussion
Craig Downie: vocals, bagpipes, whistles, harmonica, trumpet
Mark Abraham: vocals, bass, ukulele
Trevor Lewington: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, octave mandolin, banjo

All songs written and arranged by Enter the Haggis, copyright 2011.
Except "White Squall" written by Stan Rogers
Published by Firebrand Entertainment Inc (SOCAN/ASCAP.)

Produced by Enter the Haggis and Glenn Forrester.
Engineered by Glenn Forrester.
Additional engineering by Brian Buchanan, Bruce McCarthy, Zach McNees, Timothy Abraham at The Hive, Toronto, ON, and Rebecca Lovell in Calhoun, GA.

Mixed by Zach McNees in Brooklyn, NY except “The Flood” mixed by Chris Shreenan-Dyck at Woodshed Studios in Toronto, ON.

Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia.

Recorded during April and May, 2011, at Dream Builder Studios, Cornwall, Ontario and Jim's Cottage, White Lake, Ontario.

Artwork design and layout by Brian Buchanan.

Photography by A.J. Vanden Berghe.



all rights reserved


Enter The Haggis Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Headlights I&II
and after all we're back again
to navigate the pavement sea
don't turn on your radio
you'll block out the music

seasons pass like fingerprints
complex hearts but hard to see
we walk this corn maze in reverse
to avoid the exits

slow down...

this is the start of a night on wheels
count the headlight stars
our scars are the memories of all we've seen
street corners, alleys and bars

sometimes i think we're drowning
in the pond of our youth

and it's one more time around again
all or nothing, beginning or end
as the night closes in
and it's one more shot to make love bleed
one more kick at a glass of dreams
as the night closes in

we know we can't slow down

the shake and the rattle, the buzz and glow
we won't be shutting our eyes
our heads in the city, our hearts in the hills
following footprints and fires

maybe we won't be chosen
maybe we're on our own

we know we can’t, no we can never
slow down
Track Name: The Basket Or The Blade
i am lighting fires
i am lighting fires and burning everything
you are felling trees
composing melodies that i will never sing
when the autumn comes
we will build our drums and find a place to play

basket or the blade
shaman or charade are you too strong to see
that I am so alone
clinging to my throne until they come for me
will you kiss my hair
as they drag me to the square
or will you run, run away

tell me
are you
the basket or the blade
am i a soldier
returning to parades, oh will you
catch me
and hold me while the cheers and echoes fade
will you be the basket or the blade

i have never been
i have never been in front of
such a crowd
teeth and gleaming eyes
don't they realize they're so
insanely loud
here underneath their blade
i wonder if you'll stay or if you'll
run, run away

will you be the basket or the
razor edge
dividing me in two if i should
lose my head
would i be losing you or will you
shelter me
from the fire and hide me in your shade
the basket or the blade

oh the sirens
awaken every hour
i can hear them now
Track Name: Devil's Son
caviar, guillotine
high above a soho street

down, down, down
on my own
come on hang the devil’s son
i’ll die alone

live the life and bury greed
interest on a lie is steep

so i sang, i sang and i sang
i called it out, my father's name
the boys in blue they came
but now i feel so ashamed

quiet now, the baby sleeps
change his name so he won't be
Track Name: Whistleblower
i have been away for way too long
twice as tall, a hundred times as strong
winter's over; spring is coming on

yesterday is smoke and steam and sand
all those demons hold me where i stand
this road could lead me back where i began

if i only knew the way

are they waiting by the door
do they wonder where i've gone
is it my home anymore
or will i be moving on

i have been away for way too long

i remember whispered words and names
men in fields and everything in flames
our mothers feared the men that we became

but their sons were on the rise

are they waiting by the door
do they wonder where i've gone
is it my home anymore
or will i be moving on
i'm a million miles away
and it's hard to see beyond
all the chaos and decay
to the place where i belong

i have been away for way too long

long before these harsh realities
violence seemed so far away
our entire world was water and shade
now we're paying for mistakes our fathers made
Track Name: The Flood
by 2 pm the rain is gone
clear and cold above
water slowly fills the shadows on the lawn
and never makes a sound
leave it all behind you and head for higher ground
all these years
of commitments and careers
and we're all up to our ears in fear and doubt
and water flowing

down and out
down and out
we all try
to drown it out
drown it out
and stay dry
we all try

quietly the valley fills
with nothing but a sigh
they shake their heads from high up on the hill
where everything is dry
no need to build a boat under sympathetic skies
so we fight
to be warm and watertight
it's not the sunshine blinding us
it's just the fear of finding that we're

and maybe there's still time
maybe we should find a tree to climb
but it's easy not to be afraid
we simply close our eyes
and watch the water rise
Track Name: Getaway Car
the getaway car in your backyard was your last resort
hidden under vines and autumn leaves
waiting there for you to come when it was just too hard
sit there with your hands upon the wheel

you can run

the getaway car could take you there, any place you need
around the corner, up into the sky
somewhere on this highway you forgot that you could dream
forgot that you could break the speed of life

you can run, but you won't get far
now you've locked your keys in the getaway car

drawn into the high-speed chase, fight for bottom line
sirens push the pedal to the floor
the getaway car looks rusty but you know that it can shine
fill 'er up again and let it roar

everyone forgets about this place
but we all need a little time and space
Track Name: Pseumoustophy
hey man you're killin' me
i got some mouths to feed
you're knockin' on my door
my vote could count for more

i know it's not always clear
stand up there's no barrel to your ear

they will talk the talk
like a barstool prophet
shake the hands in town
kiss the baby now buy us a round
hard to find your way
in a t.v. masquerade
how can we see what we believe in being
just like the other ones
we’re just like the other ones

hey man i like your style
pinstripes and chamomile
ten billion dollar smile
tears like a crocodile

always sure to draw a crowd
skip the show
just take the trophy now

we all know they're all the same
sit down close your eyes
and check a name
Track Name: Follow
time flies account for our day dreams and circle
our rotten days by the window
then land in the palms of our hands
my mind has never been one for a slow ride
always delights in a sweet tide
slipping away if we can

all these lines keep changing

i’ll follow the stars tonight
a blanket of coal for a beacon of light
who knows if i’m wrong or i’m right
if i follow

three tries, give them to me i will need them
climbing the thorns of a long stem
petals will carry me home
green fields, a sign of the times and a strong yield
food on my plate is a good meal
however the story unfolds

all these lines keep changing
(we stay the same)
stumbling through life's pages
(and we can)
write them as we go
Track Name: Of A Murder
new love plants a seed
old house in the trees
ambitions, transitions
roll up your sleeves

one by one, the layers peel back (now back away)
this room is the perfect photograph (by light of day)
throw shutters, cover up the cracks (the truth is free)
this room is the perfect photograph (this tale)
of a murder

nineteen sixty-three
all eyes on the screen
so pretty, oh pity
so hard to believe
Track Name: The Hunter And The Phantom Limb
today i walked out in the snow
so peaceful on the sleeping lawn
it filled my shoes and chilled my bones
you weren't there and i moved on
you weren't there and i moved on

the city streets were full of noise
hammers, faces flushed with heat
the cars and windows all in lines
i couldn't see you in those streets
i couldn't see you in those streets

i passed a graveyard glistening
the grass of morning fresh and wet
the birds were screaming come and see
i walked away you weren't there yet
i walked away you weren't there yet

the woods were walls of shadows thick
with phantom limbs on hardened ground
the path was overgrown and lost
fallen leaves were all i found
fallen leaves were all i found

i check the hospitals and bars
i read the papers every day
though i know you're still at large
they all say you've gone away
they all say you've gone away

at home i sit and feel the ache
of walks alone in crowds of pairs
though the search is hard i know
one day i'll look and you'll be there
one day you'll be there
Track Name: Let Me Go
when the warm wind blows to carry my bones
let me go, let me go, let me go
when the ravens surround me like moss on the stone
let me go, let me go, let me go
i will walk that road with my head held high
as my last sweet sunset fades
when the warm wind blows to carry my bones
let me go, let me go, let me go

put my box of pine into the fire
hear the crackle and spit, see the black ashes fly

and we will live
live til we die

i've seen places that i never thought i would know

i'm so happy i found you, my true love, my all
our memories will dance like the leaves in the fall
Track Name: White Squall
well it's just my luck to have the watch
with nothing left to do
but to watch the deadly water glide
as we roll north to the soo
and wonder when they'll turn again
and pitch us to the rail
whirl off one more youngster in the gale
the kid was so damn eager
it was all so big and new
never had to tell him twice
or find him work to do
and evenings on the mess deck
he was always first to sing
show us pictures of
the girl he'd wed in spring

but i told that kid a hundred times
don't take the lakes for granted
they go from calm to a hundred knots
so fast they seem enchanted
but tonight a red-eyed wiarton girl
lies staring at the wall
and her lover's gone into a white squall

it's a thing that us old-timers know
in a sultry summer calm
there comes a blow from nowhere
and it goes off like a bomb
and a fifteen-hundred tonner
can be thrown upon her beam
while the gale takes all before it with a scream
the kid was on the hatches
lying, staring at the sky
from where i stood i swear
i could see tears fall from his eyes
so i hadn't the heart to tell him
that he should be on a line
even on a night so warm and fine

i could feel her keeling over
with the fury of the blow
and i watched the rail go under then
so terrible and slow
then like some great dog
she shook herself
and roared upright again
far overside i heard him call my name