The Modest Revolution

by Enter The Haggis

supported by
Deborah O'Brien
Deborah O'Brien thumbnail
Deborah O'Brien Helped crowdfund this one, and met the lads in Kentucky for a concert showcasing these amazing songs, all ripped from one issue of the newspaper. It's got everything, from driving rockers like "Down The Line", and "Blackout" to emotionally draining tunes like "Letters". Just wonderful stuff. Favorite track: Letters.
Tom Brennan
Tom Brennan thumbnail
Tom Brennan Absolutely awesome. I know someone who would fit the 2nd part of Letters. Favorite track: Letters.
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released March 30, 2013

Mark Abraham - bass guitar, vocals
Brian Buchanan - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, fiddle, banjo
Craig Downie - trumpet, flugelhorn, bagpipes, whistle, glockenspiel, harmonica, vocals
Trevor Lewington - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, octave mandolin, B3, Farfisa
Bruce McCarthy - drums, percussion, vocals

Guest vocalists: The Adam Ezra Group, Erin “Izzy” Griffin, Catherine Wiegand, Kelly Elvin, Claire Rayton

Uilleann Pipes on “Year of the Rat”: Tyler Duncan

Additional Piano and B3: Joel Goodwin

Additional Percussion: Tim Price, Dave Wallace

Meaty claps and thunderous stomps: Matt Elvin, Kelly Elvin, Ellen Griffin, Erin “Izzy” Griffin, Dave Wallace, Catherine Wiegand, Claire Rayton, Patty Volpi

Cello: Michael Olsen

All music and lyrics copyright Enter The Haggis, 2012 (SOCAN/ASCAP.)
All arrangements by Enter The Haggis. Published by Firebrand Entertainment Inc.

Recorded at Saint Claire Recording Company in Lexington, KY - October, 2012.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Zach McNees

Assistant Engineers: Tim Price and Cailon Williams

Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia

Photography by Rosco Weber

Album art and packaging design by Brian Buchanan



all rights reserved


Enter The Haggis Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Year of the Rat
You stood high out of reach
there at the top of the tower
you blew out the clouds, blocked out the sun
no end to the pull and power
a rope tied over the land
suddenly frayed and unwinding
eyes, sharp as a warrior’s blade
but in your own smoke you were blinded

so come all you liars
saints and lost souls
one day’s black is another day’s gold
it’s a strange place to see you tonight
but it’s all or nothing
and it’s gone

what’s that racket down on the street
is it the year of the rat or the sheep
smoke and sting, this chaos and reek
the hum and the haze of the hollows
it’s a ruse, a line, between yours and mine
we’re dumping the body of evidence
spread that paper, cover your eyes
and flee to the walls and the shadows
Track Name: Can't Trust The News
too many years
in the wind disappeared
and you can’t go back
but you rescued your heart
from the cinders and wreckage
of one bloody final crash
oh, you knew there was something
a bright little beacon
a kink in the dark
now you walk with intention
a smile and a sword in your arms

trust your eyes
they will follow the light
it’s a new tragic story
trust your heart
it will swallow the dark
it’s a mecca of heartache and doom
you can’t trust the news

the dark midnight runway's
as still as the lake of your younger years
when the sunshine was brighter
the laughing was lighter
you never gave in to your fear
oh, you could call it a waste
a disaster, a chase for the ghost of love
but you spat out the skin and the seeds
and the dirt on your tongue
Track Name: Down The Line
Skin of fire, bones of coal
these piston arms are born to roll
down, down the line
you don’t find it, it finds you
if you don’t drive, it’s what you do
down, down the line

i see an open stage
a crowd of people sit and wait
oh my fingers burn
mother, dear, please don’t be hurt
for if i stay i won’t be heard
and oh my fingers burn

focus on the work at hand
twisting bolts upon the plan
down, down the line
heavy is this steady wage
pulls the sun down on the day
down, down the line

saturday morning was a hell of a crash
but you've gotta keep rolling on the trail of cash
Track Name: Scarecrow
little wonder
wide awake
buried under
the promises you make
don't be worried
somebody's gonna take you home

if you fall
fall with grace
don't let 'em see the fear upon your face
if you break
break the reins
it's better up in lights than down in flames

city soldier
tall and proud
find your pleasure
wherever you're allowed
someone's gotta take you home
keep you on your throne

bastard brother
so far away
if I call you
I wonder what you'll say
little wonder
home is just a word to me now
Track Name: Balto
Carry on, Balto -
straight through the storm
you are my legs
my eyes, my ears
i cannot run
cannot see
cannot hear

swallow a cold fire
hard in our lungs

there's a girl i love
waiting for me
with a child in her arms

don't hold me back
oh i can feel it so close
don't hold me back
i’d die for the white light of Nome
don't hold me back
my love, this is all i can give
don't hold me back
under the darkness is hope, i can feel it

hold on my darling
no, i won't delay
Track Name: Letters
Lost, farewell
under this sinking sun
in an ocean of sky
dust and bones
echoes of rusty guns
i'm not too young to die

your love is a compass rose
steadfast through this sand and stone
wind, carry these letters home to Joan
old memories come to life
a last dance in this amber light
wind, carry these letters home tonight

spinning wheels
since i was just a boy
with a traveling mind
the bright moon steals
the heart of orion's joy
we trace a simple line

all our days
there was a song that played
for you in my head
all these things on my mind
now that i'm taking the time
to write

see these letters swirl
like a thousand white birds
in the sky up above her
i'm a flag unfurled
and I’m sending my heart
to a dear friend and lover
Track Name: Pardon
They came for me early
that morning was surely
the last I would see a free man
burst through the door
threw me down on the floor
while my fickle friends scattered and ran
proud and undone I surrendered my gun
and allowed them to lead me outside

but I have never been guilty
I don’t need a pardon
I don’t need prayers
I’m fine to face my accusers
and show ‘em my ten-mile stare
I’m prepared

these bars the aren’t permanent
rust takes a turn
but it won’t be til I’m still and cold
my confidence fades
as their baskets and blades
all grow brittle and broken and old
out in the yard I cast glares at the guards
and I hurl these words at the sky

and laugh while they show me to a
room I’ll never leave outside a wooden box
no familiar faces not a friend
I won’t be afraid I won’t apologize
I will be alone until the end

I’m prepared
I’m not scared
I’m prepared
Track Name: Hindsight
Eyes in a mirror
so unfamiliar
show me your failure
and show me your pride
chasing, grieving
always believing
flaring or burning
you've watched me learning

face in a memory
young and unbroken
show me a reason
to fall on your sword
chasing, waiting
burning and fading
striving or leaning
you gave me meaning
Track Name: Footnote
Another day
another cameo
another artificial heart beats on and on
he's got a job
he's got some furniture
and he's got friends who can't tell anything is wrong

but he hates his old apartment on the Gardiner
and he swears he won't be living here that long
it's been two years since that night down by the reservoir
but he'll always have that song

he's got a car
and maps of everywhere
and he's put stars on every city name he knows
but he can't move
he can't go anywhere
cause he can't think of any place he wants to go

and he knows she's out there somewhere chasing hurricanes
putting miles between them every day she's gone
it's been three years since she left him in Toledo
but he'll always have that song
and every time that it comes on he sings along

and it kills him when he hears it on the radio
but all his friends are glad he's finally moving on
it's been five years since he said her name to anyone
but he'll always have that song
and every time that it comes on
even if he sings it wrong he sings alone
Track Name: Copper Leaves
We all abused you, threw you on the tracks
stood with bated brain
a simple thrill to kill the boredom
of a wasted summer day
and now they’re showing you the door
one hundred years and fifty more
these cold machines punched out your leaves
and though your aspirations soared
the sidewalk would not take your seed
and now they’re showing you the door

i think we’ll find it hard
to walk without your rattling bones

the story broke a year ago
a nickel was the only one who screamed
“god save me from this fate!
oh, darling, i just can’t believe
that now they’re showing you the door”

we can’t afford to keep the change
Track Name: Blackout
The year was '67, the last we raised it up.
years come and go, still nothing to show in these cold, cold hands.
We blame Barilko's body on a decade drought
but what buried bones do we have to bring home
for another chance?

It’s a blackout, but we follow along
We keep chasing the puck
ever whispering “Someday we’ll drink from the cup”

we crept out from the gardens
into the neon glow.
a pauper’s chair to an emperor's throne still without a crown.
did we leave the blood stains, the crack of ice to bone?
as the winter melted away our thirst for glory drowned.

when the final score is settled and the final roar decays
did we throw our sticks in the fire or did we have our day?
Track Name: Up In Lights
The first time
always overwhelms
and our bodies
frozen like we’re
statues of ourselves
our eyes close
we’re ready now
whatever we might see
tonight we’re all expecting it to be
big as life

the earth moves
underneath our feet
and all our big plans
get tossed aside
like pennies in the street
in the morning
the music stops
whatever we achieve
tonight we need a reason to believe
we’re big as life

all the doors and windows blowing open
all the walls and barriers will fall
all the lights on our marquee say
we will always be
big as life